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GILA - Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee 1973

Formed in early 1969, out of the Stuttgart political commune, as Gila Füchs, we can only guess as to what their music was like in these early days, yet they quickly established themselves as the foremost exponents of psychedelic space-rock. By 1971, with the shortened name Gila, they recorded one of the finest cosmic classics of Pink Floyd inspired space-rock. GILA (sometimes quoted as "FREE ELECTRIC SOUND") is a mainly instrumental trip and feels much like one suite per side. Superbly conceived, it featured an amazingly innovative music that took hints from all the classic Pink Floyd inventions, and went further, blending in ethnic textures with the complex multi-guitars of Conny Veit, and superb percussive fired space drives. Naturally, it's widely regarded as one of the finest Krautrock albums. Gila were an extraordinary band, at the peak of the Krautrock ladder, and it's a shame that this original incarnation only made the one album. Gila had a vast repertoire, and concerts would include jams in excess of 20 minutes, covering a range from weirder Guru Guru realms to the most ethereal Agitation Free kind of trips.
After disbanding for some six months or so, and working as a member of Popol Vuh, Conny Veit decided to form a new incarnation of Gila. This new band was a veritable supergroup, as it featured Popol Vuh leader Florian Fricke and ex-Amon Düül II multi-instrumentalist Daniel Fichelscher. Although hinted at by the earlier Gila, the new Gila sound was very much in the Popol Vuh style, with medieval and ethnic touches in a complexly textured rock music featuring multi-guitars and female vocals. Whereas Popol Vuh were purely a studio band, Gila toured and played many concerts, and existed until summer 1974. After this Danny Fichelscher joined Popol Vuh, and Gila eventually split. Conny Veit then joined Guru Guru for a short while before disappearing from the scene for several years. He reappeared within the ranks of Popol Vuh some time later. Whether he has made any other music, we don't know.
Daniel Alluno (drums, bongos, tabla), Fritz Scheyhing (organ, Mellotron, percussion, electronics), Conny Veit (guitars, voice, tabla, electronics), Walter Wiederkehr (bass)
GILA "FREE ELECTRIC SOUND" (6/71)LP BASF 20 21109-6 (1971) «with large poster»
BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED KNEE (1973)LP Warner Bros 46234 (1973) «with insert»
This album is a concept one and talks about the extermination of the Indians by the white settlers.Though a German group sounds more like San Francisco's psychedelic bands and it's strongly inspired by Jefferson Airplane.Good harmonies on 12 string guitar changing from male to female vocals with FLORIAN FRICKE (Popol Vuh )on piano and mellotron.This album is more psych-folk, is beautiful and the lyrics are spiritual related to harmony with nature.
Studio Album, released in 1973
Track Listings
1. This Morning (5:40) -2. In A Sacred Manner (4:42) - 3. Sundance Chant (4:09) -4. Young Coyote (3:18) -5. The Buffalo Are Coming (7:20) -6. Black Kettle's Ballad (4:24) -7. Little Smoke (5:06) -8. Mindwinds And Heartfrost (5:56) (Bonus)--
Total Time: 40:35
Conny Veit / guitars, vocals, vibes, bass, flute, Moog
Florian Fricke / piano, Moog, Mellotron
Daniel Fichelscher / drums, percussion, bass
Sabine Merbach / vocals
Massacre At Wounded Knee, 1890
On the morning of December 29, 1890, the Sioux chief Big Foot and some 350 of his followers camped on the banks of Wounded Knee creek. Surrounding their camp was a force of U.S. troops charged with the responsibility of arresting Big Foot and disarming his warriors. The scene was tense. Trouble had been brewing for months.
The hope ofthe Ghost DanceThe once proud Sioux found their free-roaming life destroyed, the buffalo gone, themselves confined to reservations dependent on Indian Agents for their existence. In a desperate attempt to return to the days of their glory, many sought salvation in a new mysticism preached by a Paiute shaman called Wovoka. Emissaries from the Sioux in South Dakota traveled to Nevada to hear his words. Wovoka called himself the Messiah and prophesied that the dead would soon join the living in a world in which the Indians could live in the old way surrounded by plentiful game. A tidal wave of new soil would cover the earth, bury the whites, and restore the prairie. To hasten the event, the Indians were to dance the Ghost Dance. Many dancers wore brightly colored shirts emblazoned with images of eagles and buffaloes. These "Ghost Shirts" they believed would protect them from the bluecoats' bullets. During the fall of 1890, the Ghost Dance spread through the Sioux villages of the Dakota reservations, revitalizing the Indians and bringing fear to the whites. A desperate Indian Agent at Pine Ridge wired his superiors in Washington, "Indians are dancing in the snow and are wild and crazy....We need protection and we need it now. The leaders should be arrested and confined at some military post until the matter is quieted, and this should be done now." The order went out to arrest Chief Sitting Bull at the Standing Rock Reservation. Sitting Bull was killed in the attempt on December 15. Chief Big Foot was next on the list.
When he heard of Sitting Bull's death, Big Foot led his people south to seek protection at the Pine Ridge Reservation. The army intercepted the band on December 28 and brought them to the edge of the Wounded Knee to camp. The next morning the chief, racked with pneumonia and dying, sat among his warriors and powwowed with the army officers. Suddenly the sound of a shot pierced the early morning gloom. Within seconds the charged atmosphere erupted as Indian braves scurried to retrieve their discarded rifles and troopers fired volley after volley into the Sioux camp. From the heights above, the army's Hotchkiss guns raked the Indian teepees with grapeshot. Clouds of gun smoke filled the air as men, women and children scrambled for their lives. Many ran for a ravine next to the camp only to be cut down in a withering cross fire.
When the smoke cleared and the shooting stopped, approximately 300 Sioux were dead, Big Foot among them. Twenty-five soldiers lost their lives. As the remaining troopers began the grim task of removing the dead, a blizzard swept in from the North. A few days later they returned to complete the job. Scattered fighting continued, but the massacre at Wounded Knee effectively squelched the Ghost Dance movement and ended the Indian Wars.
Eyewitness to a Massacre Philip Wells was a mixed-blood Sioux who served as an interpreter for the Army. He later recounted what he saw that Monday morning:
"I was interpreting for General Forsyth (Forsyth was actually a colonel) just before the battle of Wounded Knee, December 29, 1890. The captured Indians had been ordered to give up their arms, but Big Foot replied that his people had no arms. Forsyth said to me, 'Tell Big Foot he says the Indians have no arms, yet yesterday they were well armed when they surrendered. He is deceiving me. Tell him he need have no fear in giving up his arms, as I wish to treat him kindly.' Big Foot replied, 'They have no guns, except such as you have found.' Forsyth declared, 'You are lying to me in return for my kindness.'
During this time a medicine man, gaudily dressed and fantastically painted, executed the maneuvers of the ghost dance, raising and throwing dust into the air. He exclaimed 'Ha! Ha!' as he did so, meaning he was about to do something terrible, and said, 'I have lived long enough,' meaning he would fight until he died. Turning to the young warriors who were squatted together, he said 'Do not fear, but let your hearts be strong. Many soldiers are about us and have many bullets, but I am assured their bullets cannot penetrate us. The prairie is large, and their bullets will fly over the prairies and will not come toward us. If they do come toward us, they will float away like dust in the air.' I turned to Major Whitside and said, 'That man is making mischief,' and repeated what he had said. Whitside replied, 'Go direct to Colonel Forsyth and tell him about it,' which I did.
Artist Frederdick Remington recreatedthe opening moments of the massacrebased on soldiers' recollectionsForsyth and I went to the circle of warriors where he told me to tell the medicine man to sit down and keep quiet, but he paid no attention to the order. Forsyth repeated the order. Big Foot's brother-in-law answered, 'He will sit down when he gets around the circle.' When the medicine man came to the end of the circle, he squatted down. A cavalry sergeant exclaimed, 'There goes an Indian with a gun under his blanket!' Forsyth ordered him to take the gun from the Indian, which he did. Whitside then said to me, 'Tell the Indians it is necessary that they be searched one at a time.' The young warriors paid no attention to what I told them. I heard someone on my left exclaim, 'Look out! Look out!' I saw five or six young warriors cast off their blankets and pull guns out from under them and brandish them in the air. One of the warriors shot into the soldiers, who were ordered to fire into the Indians. I looked in the direction of the medicine man. He or some other medicine man approached to within three or four feet of me with a long cheese knife, ground to a sharp point and raised to stab me. He stabbed me during the melee and nearly cut off my nose. I held him off until I could swing my rifle to hit him, which I did. I shot and killed him in self-defense.
Troop 'K' was drawn up between the tents of the women and children and the main body of the Indians, who had been summoned to deliver their arms. The Indians began firing into 'Troop K' to gain the canyon of Wounded Knee creek. In doing so they exposed their women and children to their own fire. Captain Wallace was killed at this time while standing in front of his troops. A bullet, striking him in the forehead, plowed away the top of his head. I started to pull off my nose, which was hung by the skin, but Lieutenant Guy Preston shouted, 'My God Man! Don't do that! That can be saved.' He then led me away from the scene of the trouble."
References: Brown, Dee, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (1971); Jensen, Richard, et. al, Eyewitness at Wounded Knee (1991); Utley, Robert M., The Last Days of the Sioux Nation (1963); Wells, Philip, "Ninety-six Years among the Indians of the Northwest", North Dakota History, 15, no. 2 (1948).
My Link: GILLA

DIXIE DREGS -1980 Dregs Of The Earth

Formed by guitarist STEVE MORSE (Kansas) in 1975 and split up in 1982.They applied the virtuoso techniques of jazz fusion to playing instrumental rock. Each album encompassed a variety of styles (rockers, progressive, funk, bluegrass, ballads, and even baroque), with catchy music and intricate arrangements.
From the opening rock burner "Road Expense" through the minstral-like closing tune "Old World", the band tightly interwoven melodies are cleanly executed and entertaining. You'll enjoy the country hoedown flavor and humor of "Pride O' The Farm", and the classically balanced "Hereafter" - all driven by the miraculous guitar work of Morse, where every note is picked (no hammer-on's or pull-off's here). "I'm Freaking Out" is another standout, where Morse's guitar and T Lavitz' keyboards push, shove and vie for attention for nine minutes in one of the Dixie Dregs finest moments on record.
So,if you like hot,jaw-dropping fusion go on with it!!
Track List :
01. Road Expense (3:24) - 02. Pride O' The Farm (3:40) -03. Twiggs Approved (4:29) -04. Hereafter (6:21) -05. The Great Spectacular (3:20) -06. Broad Street Strut (3:54) -07. I'm Freaking Out (9:06) -08. Old World (2:00)
Line-up :
Steve Morse / acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, pedal steel -
Andy West / fretted and fretless bass-
Allen Sloan / acoustic and electric violins, viola-
Rod Morgenstein / drums and percussion-
T Lavitz / acoustic and electric piano, organ, synthesizer, clavinet
Link: D.O.T.E

JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES -1998 Compilation

JOHHNY KIDD was born Frederick Albert Heath in Willesdon,London on 23 November 1935,died 31, on October 1966 on a car crash accident.
Johhny Kidd & the Pirates played a propulsive mix of 50's rockand R&B.
They came along before Beatles but later were overtaken by the rise of Merseybeat.The Pirates continued without Kidd for years and they eventually become the grand old men of UK pub rock.
The single that remains a landmark,not just on British pop,but also in the development of rock itself was "Shakin' All Over" 1960.

More for Johhny Kidd on http://www.johhnykidd.co.uk/

This is a very rare compilation for the fans and the memory of Johhny.

Tracks :

1. Shakin' all over -2.The birds and the bees -3.Gotta travel on -4.Yes sir,that's my baby -5.Doctor feelgood -6.Feelin' -7.Please don't bring me down -8.Hurry on back to love -9.Jealous girl -10.Whole lotta woman -11.Your cheatin' heart -12.Shop around


Johnny Kidd....

Alan Caddy ...lead guitar 1959-61

Clem Cattini....drums 1959-61

John Weider...lead guitar1964-65

Mick Green...lead guitar 1961-64

Nick Simper...bass 1966-67

Brian Gregg ....bass 1959-61

Vic Cooper ...piano/organ 1964-66

John Morehead ... lead guitar 1965-66

Honny Spence.... bass 1961-66

Frank Farley... drums 1961-66

Mick Stewart ... lead guitar 1966-67


Link: JK

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A talented and showy fiddler, Charlie Daniels and his band fuse hardcore country with a hard-edged Southern rock boogie and blues. The group -- which has had a rotating cast of musicians over the years -- has always been known for their instrumental dexterity, but they were also notorious for their down-home, good-old-boy attitude; in the early '80s, they became a virtual symbol of conservative country values.
SIMPLE MAN 1989 is one of the best of Charlie Daniels' success albums it is a classic Southern rock from a veteran in the field. From the opening statement of purpose, "What This World Needs is a Few More Rednecks," on, SIMPLE MAN ... "Saturday Night Down South" and the essential fiddle showcase "Play Me Some Fiddle" are hot rockers, while "Old Rock and Roller" , "Mister D.J." and "It's my life" are as direct as anything Daniels has ever done.
The celebratory "Oh Atlanta" and "Was it 26" are also gems, while the band is led by Daniels' longtime keyboardist Joel "Taz" DiGregorio.

This album is as good as Southern rock gets.
Track Listing
1. Few More Rednecks, A (What This World Needs) - 2. Was It 26 - 3. Oh Atlanta - 4. Midnight Wind - 5. Saturday Night Down South - 6. Play Me Some Fiddle - 7. Simple Man - 8. Old Rock 'N Roller - 9. Mister D. J. - 10. It's My Life -

Charlie Daniels Band:

Charlie Daniels (vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle) - Bruce Brown (vocals, guitar) - Taz DiGregorio (keyboards) - Charlie Hayward (bass) - Jack Gavin (percussion).

LINK : Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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WEATHER REPORT - 1974 Mysterious Traveller


Killer duo, Zawinul and Shorter have allready been
playing in 1959 (when i was only 6 years old) with
MAYNARD FERGUSON BAND and collaborated with Giant
MILES DAVIS late 60's, when they decided to form their
own band.The name of the band WEATHER REPORT, a
jazz/rock/fusion line up who had a long way to go with
many albums and a lot of changes in their form.According to their fans,three are the greatest albums of W.R , "Heavy Weather","Black Market" and Mysterious Traveller.

This album is not been performed by "Mahavishnu "or"Return to Forever" but from Miroslav Vitus,Wayne Shorter,Joe Zawinul,Ishmael Wilburn and the rest of this genius and amazing band.

First track,my favorite one,"Nubian Sundance", a 10 minutes dynamite!Cucumber Slumber,Jungle Book, Scarlet Woman,listen to them carefully or you will miss out all this creative force that comes out from these perfectionists.

RECOMMENDED to anyone interested in Jazz /rock Fusion and not only.

Studio Album, released in 1974
Track Listings

1. Nubian Sundance (10:43) - 2. American Tango (3:42) - 3. Cucumber Slumber (8:25) - 4. Mysterious Traveller (7:21) - 5. Blackthorn Rose (5:05) - 6. Scarlet Woman (5:43) - 7. Jungle Book (7:22)
Total Time: 48:21

- Alphonso Johnson / bass

- Don Um Romao / percussion, drum

- Wayne Shorter / soprano & tenor saxophones, tac piano

- Miroslav Vitous / bass (2)

- Ishmael Wilburn / drums

- Joe Zawinul / acoustic & electric pianos, synth, kalimba, organ, tamboura, clay drums, tac piano, melodica

Additional musicians:

- Don Ashworth / ocarinas, woodwinds (7)

- Billie Barnum / vocals (1)

- Ray Barretto / percussion (3)

- James Gilstrad / vocals (1)

- Skip Hadden / drums (1-4)

- Isacoff / tabla, finger cymbals (1)

- Steve Little / tympani (6)

- Marti McCall / vocals (1) - Meruga / percussion (1)

- Jessica Smith / voocals (1)

- Edna Wright / vocals (1)

Link : MT

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WOOL - 1969 Selftitled

A few words:
Ed Wool and his band used to play at bars,clubs and High Schools mostly covering popular hits of that period.
Under the name WOOL he and his sister recorded this selftitled album on 1969 .
Later Ed Wool played with Paul Mac Cartney,Van Morrison,Rolling Stones and Neil Diamond.
He is still in action as The Ed Wool Band and they are specialized in wedding receptions since 1997.
The band is an 8-piece musicians with a very good sound , heavy on vocals, superb guitar work ,nice horns and a “powerful punch” rhythm section ...
WOOL 1969
Tracks :
1.Love, Love, Love, Love, Love ... Wool (3:14) -2.Combination of the Two ... Wool (3:05) - 3.1To Kingdom Come ... Wool (2:27) -4.If They Left Us Alone Now ... Ed Wool Wool (3:35) - 5.I Don't Like You Anymore ... Ed Wool Wool (2:55) -6.Anyway That You Want Me ... Wool (4:07) - 7.It Was Such a Lovely Night (Loving You Tonight) ... Ed Wool Wool (2:20) - 8.The Boy with the Green Eyes ... Neil Diamond Wool (3:35) - 9.Funky Walk ... Wool (9:40)
Line Up :
Ed Barrella (Bass) - Tom Haskell (Guitar) - Tom Haskell (Guitar (Rhythm) - Tom Haskell (Vocals) - Peter Lulis (Drums) - Claudia Wool (Percussion), (Vocals) - Ed Wool (Guitar), (Vocals) -
Link : Wool

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GREEK COMPILATION OF 70'S - Anadromi sta 70's

Mια αναδρομή στην δεκαετία του 1970 οπως ειναι και ο τιτλος του cd με τραγούδια τα οποία κυκλοφόρησαν μόνο σε 45ρια.
Συγκροτήματα οπως οι Sounds,Faces,Jaguars, το πρώιμο σετ του Ηρακλη DNA και ο Σ.Λογαριδης σε τραγούδια μεταξύ 1972-75.
Μια συλλογή που σπανίζει πλέον για τούς νοσταλγούς και οχι μόνον.
Ακούστε το.
Link: Anadromi

J. GEILS BAND - 1970 Selftitled

"It Serves you right to suffer"a John Lee Hooker influenced song that will break your heart apart.Peter Wolf at his best.The harp of Magic Dick unbelievable!.J.Geils guitar.....
I don't think that we have something to say for the first J.Geils band album because is a brilliant rock-blues album nothing to do with the following chart -storming pop-rock career of the group.
"Sno-Cone","Ice breaker","Hard driving man"
Play it loud and enjoy this masterpiece!!
J.GEILS BAND -1971 first album.
1. Wait 2. Ice Breaker (For the Big "M") 3. Cruisin' For a Love 4. Hard Drivin' Man 5. Serves You Right to Suffer 6. Homework 7. First I Look at the Purse 8. What's Your Hurry 9. On Borrowed Time 10. Pack Fair and Square 11. Sno-Cone

Personnel :
Peter Wolf - vocals
J. Geils - guitar
Stephen Jo Bladd - drums
Magic Dick - harp
Seth Justman - keyboards
Danny Klein - bass
Time: 32 minutes
Link: JGBfirst

DICK DALE & The Deltones - The best of Dick Dale


He was given the name of "King of the Surf Guitar" and if you listen to this anthology with most of his hits you will understand why.

You will hear the famous Misirlou which it is said that is the first instrumental version ! ( original Greek rembetico song dated around 1927) and the Timeless "Pipeline" with his friend Stevie Ray Vaughan together with "Let's go Tripping" and "Hava Nagila".

Take a look in my video's and hear Misirlou and Pipeline on a live version.

The Best of Dick Dale & his Deltones 1989

1. Let's Go Trippin' - 2. Shake 'N' Stomp - 3. Misirlou -4. Mr. Peppermint Man - 5. Surf Beat - 6. Take It Off -7. King of the Surf Guitar - (vocal) - 8. Hava Nagila - 9. Riders in the Sky - 10. The Wedge - 11. Night Rider -12. Mr. Eliminator -13. The Victor - 14. Taco Wagon - 15. Tidal Wave -16. Banzai Washout -17. One Double One Oh! - (instrumental version) - 18. Pipeline - (with Stevie Ray Vaughan)

Time : 42 minutes

Link: Best of

RARE EARTH -1969 Get Ready

RARE EARTH / Get Ready 1969.

What happens when you run out of material at the time that you are going to record an album?.
Well,if you are Rare Earth, you take a 21 minute rendition of "Temptation's" Get Ready to fill out the space and then you go to the top ten of US.
Then you take the first 3 minutes of it as a single and you make a hit to climb up to No4 and the road to a career is open!
So simple.
If you still don't have this album after all these years it is time to get it.


Tracks :
1. Magic Key 3:50 - 2. Tobacco Road 7:10 - 3. Feelin' Alright 5:00 - 4. In Bed 3:00 - 5. Train to Nowhere 3:20 - 6. Get Ready 21

Line Up:
Gil Bridges Flute , Saxophone, Vocals
Kenny James Keyboards
Rod Richards Guitar, Vocals
Pete Rivera Drums, Vocals

Link: Get Ready

GONGZILLA - 1995 Suffer

No 3 fusion album of 1995 according to Pulse magazine from giant Alan Holdsworth and his friends.
Charismatic guitar players,Alan Holdsworth and Bon Lozaga with the excellent accompaniment provided by Benoit Moerlen on drums,marimba,vibraphone,bassist Hansford Rowe offers 11 tracks of varying styles and modes together with some heavy metal/jazz/improvisational weirdness.
Amazing fusion album from amazing perfectionists.
Don't miss it.
Track listing:
1. Gongzilla (6:36) - 2. Bad Habits (3:28) - 3. Sing (4:28) - 4. Gongzilla's Dilemma (5:17) - 5. Mr. Sinister Minister (4:50) - 6. Almost You (4:12) - 7. Mezzanine (4:15) -8. Hip-Hopnosis (6:48) - 9. Allan Qui? (7:22) - 10. Senna (4:56) - 11. Camel (0:24) -
Total Time: 52:00
- Hansford Rowe / basses
- Bon Lozaga / guitars & e-bow
- Benoit Moerlin / vibes & marimba
- Bobby Thomas / percussion
- Lionel Cordew / drums
With:- Allan Holdsworth / guitars (on 1, 2, 6, & 9)- Vic Stevens / drums (on 9 & 10)- Ben Perowsky / drums (on 5)- Samuel Rowe / vocalize (on 10Link:Suffer

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BLACKFIELD - 2007 Blackfield II -

Distinctive Harmonies and chord changes.
Majestic Melodies with darker lyrics if you compare it with the first album, but songs like, Miss U, This Killer,Epidemic,Once , are waiting for you.
Don't miss it.
Track Listings :
1. Once (4:03) - 2. 1,000 People (3:54) - 3. Miss U (4:13) - 4. Christenings (4:37) - 5. This Killer (4:06) - 6. Epidemic (4:59) - 7. My Gift of Silence (4:05) - 8. Some Day (4:22) - 9. Where is My Love? (2:59) - 10. End of the World (5:13).
Total Time: 42:30
- Steven Wilson / guitar, vocals
- Aviv Geffen / guitar, vocals- Daniel Salomon / piano- Seffy Efrati / bass
- Tomer Z / drums
-- Harel Ben -Ami (guitar)
-- Itamar Leshem (French horn)
-- Eran Mitelman, Richard Barbieri (electric piano)
-- Ofer Meiri (keyboard)
-- Gavin Harrison (drum)
-- Daniella Pick (background vocals).

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M.G.C - 1 965 -1969

Αν και δεν ειμαι ο καλύτερος στην παρουσίαση Ελληνικών γκρούπ που αφησαν την δική τους σφραγίδα στα ροκ δρώμενα της πατρίδος μας, εν τούτοις οποτε μπορώ να ανεβάσω κατι καλό θα το κάνω με χαρά.
Το σπάνιο αυτό δισκάκι των M.G.C που μου το έστειλε ο φίλος μου Νίκος, τεως axis33 και νυν παρόλα τα χρονάκια του Blackout ειναι τρία 45αρια στη σειρά.
Για ολους εσάς που ζήσατε αυτές τις εποχές (ασχέτως αν ακούγαμε/τε - Zappa και Beefheart -).

ERIC BURDON - Crawling King Snake

Eric is an often visitor for many years now in Athens.I've seen him a few times but i can hardly find any words to describe this phenomenon .
We could write and speak for hours,days or months for Eric but i prefer to let you listen this album which remind us the vocal brilliance both of range and style which earned him the reputation of being "a black man in a white skin".
This album was a re-released of "Comeback" which is a rock album by Eric Burdon released in 1982, during the Comeback project. It was the studio album to the film.
Crawling King Snake
Track List
1. No More Elmore .... (James?) - 2.The Road - 3. Crawling King Snake - 4. Take It Easy - 5.Dey Won't - 6. Wall of Silence - 7. Streetwalker - 8. It Hurts Me Too ...Elmore James.. - 9.Lights Out - 10. Bird On The Beach
Length 38:51
Line Up:
Eric Burdon vocals
John Sterling - Snuffy Walden guitars
Bill MacCubbong - Terry Wilson bass
Tony Braunagle drums
Tom Vigil - Bobby Martin saxes
Steve Goldstein - Ronnie Barron - Luis Cabaza keyboards
Link: CKS

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THE BARBARIANS - 1966 Are you a boy or are you a Girl?

A well known garage band of 60's formed in 1964.It's not too easy to forget a one -handed drummer with hook leading his band as Victor "Moulty" Moulton.
As he used to say, he lost his left arm in an explosion at the age of 14 and used the hook to hold the drum stick.. The metallic claw resembling Captain Hook from Peter Pan was certainly a striking image for a rebellious rock and roller, and the fact that Moulty is a truly great drummer and front man brought punk credibility to the group years after their initial fame.
The Barbarians disbanded in 1968 with their biggest hit "are you a boy or are you a girl?" No 55 single for six weeks in 1965.
Discography45s :
"Hey Little Bird" / "You've Got to Understand": Joy J-290 (1964) "Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl" / "Take It Or Leave It": Laurie L-3308 (1965) "What the New Breed Say" / "Susie-Q": Laurie LR 3321 (1965) "Moulty" / "I'll Keep on Seeing You": Laurie 3326 (1966)
Are you a boy or are you a Girl 1966
1.Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl ... Doug Morris, Ron Morris The Barbarians (2:17) - 2.Mr. Tambourine Man ... Bob Dylan ..The Barbarians (2:12) - 3.House of the Rising Sun ... Smoky mountain ? ... The Barbarians (2:48) - 4.Maria Elena ... The Barbarians (2:23) - 5.Bo Diddley ... Ellas McDaniel The Barbarians (3:11) - 6.Memphis ... Chuck Berry ...The Barbarians (2:31) - 7.What the New Breed Say ... The Barbarians (2:13) - 8.Take It or Leave It ... D. Morris .. The Barbarians (2:45) - 9.I'll Keep on Seeing You ... The Barbarians (2:29) 10.Linguica ... The Barbarians (1:34) - 11.Susie-Q ... Dale Hawkins, Stan Lewis, Eleanor Broadwater ... The Barbarians (1:47) - 12.I've Got a Woman ... Ray Charles ...The Barbarians (3:16) - 13.Moulty [*] ... The Barbarians (2:33)
A VERY rare album for every collector.
Link: TB

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DR. JOHN - 1973 Right Place Wrong time

DR. JOHN - Right Place Wrong Time 1973 Malcolm John Rebennack or so called Dr.John the Night Tripper.A mixture of New Orleans style rhythm and blues with psychedelic rock
and voodoo religious ceremonies appearence on stage.more info on www.drjohn.org or full articles on wikipedia.
1."Right Place Wrong Time" (Mac Rebennack) – 2:50 2."Same Old Same Old" (Mac Rebennack) – 2:39 3."Just the Same" (Mac Rebennack) – 2:49 4."Qualified" (Jesse Hill/Mac Rebennack) – 4:46 5."Traveling Mood" mes Waynes) – 3:03 6."Peace Brother Peace" (Mac Rebennack) – 2:47 7."Life" (Allen Toussaint) – 2:29 8."Such a Night" (Mac Rebennack) - 2:55 9."Shoo Fly Marches On" (Mac Rebennack) - 3:15 10."I Been Hoodood" Mac Rebennack) - 3:12 11."Cold Cold Cold" (Alvin Robinson/Jesse Hill/Mac Rebennack) - 2:37
Line up:
The Meters: Lead guitar, organ, bass and drums.
Allen Toussaint: Piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, conga drums and
tambourine, background vocals, vocal arrangements, arrangement and
Mac Rebennack: Vocals, piano on "Qualified", organ on "Peace Brother
Peace" and percussion on "I Been Hoodood".
Ralph MacDonald: Percussion on "Shoo Fly Marches On", "Such a Night"
and "I Been Hoodood".
David Spinozza: guitar solo on "Right Place Wrong Time".
Gary Brown: Electric and acoustic saxophones.
The Bonaroo Horn Section: Horns. Robbie Montgomery and Jessie Smith: Backing vocals.

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The second album from Amon Duul II a cosmic kraut-rock? Mythological everyday stories? huge riffs,Eastern sounds,wha wha,fuzzy guitar strings,pounding drums,ghostly violins.
All together from one of the most progressive cult group of the German music scene at that time.
"Yeti" is a must-have album for all fans of psychedelia,kraut - rock
and not only.
..and when Yeti talks to Yogi .......
1. Soap Shop Rock:
- a. Burning Sister (3:41)
- b. Halluzination Guillotine (3:05)
- c. Gulp A Sonata (0:45)
- d. Flesh-Coloured Anti-Aircraft Alarm (5:53)
2. She Came through the Chimney (3:56)
3. Archangels Thunderbird (3:30)
4. Cerberus (4:18)
5. The Return of Ruebezahl (1:35)
6. Eye-Shaking King (6:37)
7. Pale Gallery (2:11)
8. Yeti (Improvisation) (18:00)
9. Yeti Talks to Yogi (Improvisation) (6:06)
10. Sandoz in the Rain (Improvisation) (8:55)
Total Time: 66.25

Line-up :
- Renate Knaup / vocals, tambourine
- Chris Karrer / violin, guitars, vocals
- John Weinzierl / guitars, vocals
- Falk Rogner / organ
- Peter Leopold / drums
- Dave Anderson / bass
- Shrat / bongos, vocals
- Rainer Bauers / guitar, vocals (10)
- Ulrich Leopold / bass (10)
- Thomas Keyserling / flute (10)
Link : YETI

IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY - 1969 Selftitled


The first selftitled album of "It's A Beautiful Day" was a masterpiece and inspired folk-rock brainchild of Virtuoso violinst La Flamme.
A killer combination of San Francisco Bay area psych,folk and the feel of the 60's spirit.From the delicate guitar to the amazing violin of La Flamme and from the sensual vocals to the jazz tempo riffs.
From the haunting harpsichord to flamenco statements.From their super hit "white bird" to "girl with no eyes".
From "Bombay calling" to "time is".
A Highly recommended album for every music collector.

It's A Beautiful Day - It's A Beautiful Day - 1969
1.White bird - 2. A hot summer day - 3.Wasted Union blues - 4.Girl with no eyes - 5 .Bombay calling - 6.Bulgaria - 7.Time is

Original Line up :

Patti Santos vocals
David La Flamme violin
Linda La Flamme keyboards
Hal Wagenet guitar
Mitchel Holman bass
Val Fluentes drums


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COPPERHEAD - 1972 Selftitled

A few words:
There is an ampifier and a Gibson SG on display at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum in Cleveland and belongs to JOHN CIPOLLINA.The amp stack was made up of Standel bass amps (each Standel was equipped with two 15-inch speakers), two Fender amps a Fender Twin Reverb with two 12-inch speakers and a Fender Dual Showman that drove six Wurlitzer horns. His guituar was wired so that the bass pickup fed into the two Standel bass amps , and the treble pickup fed the remainder of the stack. Cipollina used a custom foot-switched system to select reverb, tremolo, Astro Echoplex(the unit mounted on the right of the Twin Reverb), Standel Modulux(on the left of the twin reverb) or the horns. Truck running lights indicated which effect was being used.
Cipollina also employed a Gibson Maestro Fu, Vox wah-wah and volume pedals.Lead guitar and founding member of Q.S.M.S ,Copperhead,Man,Raven,Terry & the Pirates,Freelight,Novato Frank Band,Rocky Sullivan,San Francisco All stars,Thunder & Lighting,Dinosaurs,Zero,Fish
&Chip,Problem child.He played with Rock giants like J.Hendrix,Grateful Dead, Carlos
Santana,Tom Fogerty.
This one and only album was recorded in Columbia with the help of his friend (ex-Woodstock organisers) David Lang who left the company and that was also the end of Copperhead because Columbia refused to promote and issue the 2nd album because of esoteric problems.
Unforunately that was the end of Copperhead!
John left this world on May 1989 at the age of 45 from emphysema.
Tracks :
1. Roller Derby Star 4:15 - 2. Kibitzer 3:45 - 3. A Little Hand 5:00 - 4. Kamikaze 5:26- 5. Spin-Spin 3:17 - 6. Pawnshop Man 5:29 -7. Wing-Dang-Doo 4:05 - 8. They're Making a Monster 7:36 - 9. Chameleon 3:39
Line Up :
John Cipollina lead guitar,hawaian steel guitar
Gary Philippet vocal,guitar,organ
Jim Mac Pherson vocal,piano,bass,percussion
Hutch Hutchinson vocal,bass
David Weber drums,percussion

RICK DERRINGER - 1993 Back to the Blues

A few words.

At the age of 15 he setup his first band "the McCoys"and at 18 he was opening shows for Beach Boys,Four Seasons and backing giants like Chuck Berry.
At that time (still 18 ) he wrote"Hang on sloopy" a smash around the world which knocked out of the top spot 'Yesterday"by the Beatles.
He joined and was the producer for J.Winter's album "J. Winter
and...."with another name.. and also wrote a few tracks like the hit" Rock & Roll Hootchie Koo.He played and produced Edgar Winter's album"they only come out at night" 1973 No1 in US, then the gold "Roadwork" and then, Still alive & well.
In 1976 created the Derringer band. He released 4 albums and in 1983 returned to his solo career.During 70's and 80's he appeared on three albums of Alice Cooper,Richie Havens,Todd Rundgreen and Steely Dan.
Edgar Winter and Rick in 1990 performed "Live in Japan"and "Winter's blues".
Rick during 2001 was busy again with D-B-A,ex Vanilla Fudge Tim Bogert,Carmine Appice.
After that he and his wife worked on a few Christian cd's.
After all these years Rick Derringer is still going strong and If you still have not listened carefully any of his albums ,i think its time.Rick is still among the finest guitarists in the world.
More about Rick Derringer on www.rickderringer.com

Tracks :
1. Trouble in Paradise 5:07 - 2. Blue Suede Blues 5:18 - 3. Blues All Night Long 8:10 - 4. Mean Town Blues 4:07 - 5. Sorry for Your Heartache 9:48 - 6. Sink or swim 5:05 -
7. Diamond 4:59 - 8. Crybaby 4:00 - 9. Unsolved Mystery 4:58 - 10. BlueVelvet 4:21 - 11 Time to Go 5:55 .

Line Up :
Rick Derringer - Vocals, lead & rhythm guitars
Kevin Russel - Rhythm guitar
Brad Russel - Bass
Andy Doerschuk - drums

Link :

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ROY BUCHANAN - Sweet Dreams

He could have won the title of the Best, unknown (until his
tragic death in 1988),criminally overlooked guitarist of blues
-rock ever.
He and his trademark: A 1953Fender Stratocaster"Nancy"with that trebly tone started working together from the age of 13.Son of a preacher started attending gospel music switched to blues/ R&B scene in Los Angeles and worked with giants like Johnny Otis, Pete Lewis, Johnny(guitar)Watson, Ronnie Hawkins(his bassist Robbie Robertson studied guitar from Roy and he will be later known as the leader of THE BAND) and many more.
His songs are full of lyrical passion and he plays with different styles including the 'chicken pickin' style. He sometimes used his thumb nail rather than a plectrum and also employed it to augment his index finger and plectrum.
Holding his thumb at a certain angle, Buchanan was able to hit the string and then partially mute it, suppressing lower overtones and exposing the harmonics, a technique now known as 'pinch harmonics'. Buchanan had the ability to execute pinch harmonics on command, and
could mute individual strings with free right-hand fingers while picking or pinching others.Even after his death, he has the respect of many guitarists and a large number of fans, particularly for his unique sound.
Buchanan was noted for the ability to get 'wah wah' and 'violin swell' effects from his Telecaster by use of the instrument's knobs and plectrum. Finally, he was a pioneer in the use of pinch harmonics, and some of rock's most notable guitarists acknowledge Buchanan's mastery of the
British legent Jeff Beck dedicated the song"Cause we've ended as lover's"in 1975 from his album Blow by Blow.
You will not find very easy an album with so many beloved songs as "Sweet Dreams" his 2cd anthology.Listen to his songs and let his guitar speak to your heart.

CD 1:
1.Baltimore (3:31) - 2.Black Autumn (4:25) - 3.The Story of Isaac (5:48) - 4.There'll Always Be (4:50) - 5.Sweet Dreams (3:32) - 6.Pete's Blues (7:15) - 7. The Messiah Will Come Again (5:53) - 8.Tribute to Elmore James (3:25) - 9.After Hours (6:14) - 10.Five String Blues (6:24) - 11.C.C. Rider -Live- (6:49) - 12.My Baby Says She's Gonna Leave Me (3:21) - 13.Please Don't Turn Me Away (4:47) - 14.Country Preacher (3:28) - 15.Wayfaring Pilgrim (5:07)

CD 2:
1.Down by the River -Live- (9:17) - 2.I'm a Ram -Live- (4:24) - 3.I'm Evil -Live - (6:15) - 4.Good God Have Mercy (4:05) - 5. If 6 Was 9 (3:46) - 6.Green Onions (8:09) -7.Soul Dressing -Live- (7:00) - 8.Hey Joe [Live] (8:19) - 9.Fly...Night Bird (7:42) - 10.Turn to Stone (5:46) - 11.Dual Soliloquy (12:06)

Line Up:
Roy Buchanan guitar
Steve Cropper guitar
Ray Gomez acoustic & rhythm guitar
Billy Price Keystone rhythm band vocals
Charlie Daniels guitar,harmonica,vocals
Teddy Irwin rhythm guitar
Ned Davis drums
Tim Drummond bass
Donald 'Duck" Dunn bass
Byrd Foster-Karl Himmel-Robbie Magruder drums

Link : SD1
Link :SD 2

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RIVERSIDE - 2007 Rapid eye movement

If you like Riverside then this 3rd album will not disappoint you.Great vocals from Mariusz,powerful guitar,wonderful sounding keyboards and bass that punch you on your stomach.The music of Riverside that can disconnect you from the today reality and and tranfer you into their music one.It is also the 3rd and final album in the "Reality Dream Trilogy" that started with "Out of myself" and "Second Life Syndrome" with the same content.A three word title and nine tracks just like the previous.
Track Listings
1. Beyond The Eyelids (7:56) - 2. Rainbow Box (3:37) - 3. Panic Room (5:29) - 4. Schizophrenic Prayer (4:21) - 5. Parasomnia (8:10).
6. Through The Other Side (4:06) - 7. Embryonic (4:10) - 8. Cybernetic Pillow -(4:46) - 9. Ultimate Trip (13:13).
Total Time: 55:52

Line-up :
- Mariusz Duda / vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
- Piotr Grudzinski / guitars
- Michal Lapaj / keyboards
- Piotr Kozieradzki / drums
Link : REM

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J. GEILS BAND -1978 Sanctuary

SANCTUARY : A first -rate material of the group after "Monkey Island" with the their well known Boogie - Woogie bar band attack intact,J.Geils offers, to his fans and not only,a fantastic album with songs from the heartbreaking "Teresa" to the lovely"One last kiss" which cracked the Top 40 early 1978.
Unforgetable album.
Line Up:
J. Geils - guitar
Stephen Bladd - drums, vocals
Peter Wolf - vocals
Seth Justman - keyboard, vocals
Danny Klein - bass
Magic Dick - harmonica, trumpet
Tracks :
1. I Could Hurt You Justman 3:53 - 2. One Last Kiss 4:19 - 3. Take It Back 3:18 -
4. Sanctuary 3:50 - 5. Teresa 3:46 - 6. Wild Man 5:22 - 7. I Can't Believe You 4:11 - 8. I Don't Hang Around Much Anymore 4:37 - 9. Jus' Can't Stop Me 3:36
Lenght : 36:52
Link :Sanctuary

THE LIZARDS -2003 Rule

John Garner the legendary drummer of SIR LORD BALTIMORE is the frontman in THE LIZARDS -2003 Rule-.Together with Garner is the ex-Rainbow / Black Sabbath / Blue Öyster Cult drummer Bobby Rondinelli and Randy Pratt, who uses a six-string bass and guitarist Patrick Klein .A line up of top musicians that with no doubt at all are going to fullfill your expectations.They sound Hard,dynamic and the have great energy .The vocals of J.Garner reminds the good old days of SIR LORD BALTIMORE, while, the song "Kingdom come" comes from that days as a tribute.Whether you have the 70's spirit inside you or not,don't Miss this album and go to the Lizards new website to see the new line up .

1. Grip Of Love - 2. It's Alright - 3. Hungry World - 4. The Battle Rages On - 5. Wheel Of Fortune - 6. Hard Luck Messiah - 7. Burnin Time - 8. Pay The Band - 9. The Rats And Us - 10. Kingdom Come.
Total time 52.39


Link :Rule

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DAMN YANKEES - 1992 Selftitled

1990 The first album of Jack Blades-Ted Nugent-Tommy Shaw
is out.
The spirit of 70's and 80's is in their blood, thus, the album went platinum and climbed to number 13 at that time.
High enough -Coming of age-Runaway-Come again - rocking on and trying to keep the spirit alive with their big talent each one.
Play it loud and enjoy it although the spirit of 70's and 80's is gone forever!
Damn Yankees i like you.
Tracks :
01. Coming Of Age - 02. Bad Reputation - 03 Runaway - 04. High Enough - 05. Damn Yankees 06. Come Again - 07. Mystified08 Rock City - 09. Tell Me How You Want It - 10. Piledriver
Line up:
Tommy Shaw – guitars and vocals
Ted Nugent – guitars and vocals
Jack Blades – bass guitar and vocals
Michael Cartellone – drums
Robbie Buchanan – keyboards
Link: D.Y

SYLVAN - 2000 Encounters

Year 2000,Encounters,The second album of this German group is out.
A Neo-Prog work ,full of passion sticked to its values with the band more creative while is trying to go one step further from their fantastic first album ."
Enjoy the powerful "no way out" with melody and flavor of rock and Prog.
Explore the Epic "Encounters" which starts from the 3rd
song "overture"and lasts 40.02 minutes to the end.
1.No way out 5.40 - 2.Essence of life 8.05 - 3.Overture 3.27 - 4.About to leave 4.16 - 5.Your source 3.19 - 6.Tremendously different 2.11 - 7.Long ago 2.16 - 8.All of it 4.27 - 9.Presentiments 3.20 - 10.Would you feel better 6.09 - 11.In vain 7.49 - 12.Encounters 2.50
- Kay Sohl / guitars
- Volker Sohl / keyboards
- Marco Gluhmann / vocals
- Matthias Harder / drums
With:- Lars Koster / bass
- Soren Grimme / saxophon

JUKIN' BONE -1971 Whiskey Woman

1971 Whiskey Woman
Free Will was a legendary band from Upstate New York who formed in 1968 and signed to RCA Records in 1971. Led by vocalist Joe Whiting and lead guitarist Mark Doyle, the band also featured George Egosarian on second guitar, John DeMaso on bass, and Tom Glaister on drums.Along with their signing to RCA came a name change, to JUKIN' BONE. Under that name they recorded two albums, "Whiskey Woman" and "Way Down East" that were hailed by Creem magazine as seminal classics of 70's hard rock. While signed to RCA, the band toured with ZZ Top, Freddie King, The Allman Brothers, The Kinks, John Mayall, and Three Dog Night, among others. They disbanded acrimoniously in 1973, although Doyle and Whiting went on to record several fine albums on the Blue Wave label.
"The sessions weren’t much better. It was somebody’s bright idea to record us “live” at Electric Lady Land by having us set up like a gig, with a PA system, and invite burned out hippies in off of 8th Street and offer them the buffet of cocaine and bourbon we had laid out for audience, band and producer. Needless to say, after an hour or two the sessions degenerated into drunken revelry, with the band out of tune and oblongatto. Even Stevie Wonder’s surprise entrance and resulting jam session with us wasn’t able to rouse us from our stupor. And that became the recorded “legacy” of one of the greatest live acts ever. Our fans were hugely disappointed".
This part is taken from Mark Doyle site.www.markdoyle.com
On the back cover of this album is a prompt , " this album should be played at 75% of maximum amplifier power",i say , burn ! the amplifier with this live dynamite from a group that rarely you can find detailed information.
1.Junkie fever 4.45 - 2.CANDY MAN 4.34 - 3.Spirit in the dark 4.26 - 4.Can't judge what you miss - 5.Whiskey woman 4.05 - 6.Going down 4.01 - 7.The Hunter 3.56 - 8.Got the Need 3.08 9.Let Loose 4.33
Line Up:
Mark Doyle guitar
Joe Whiting vocals
George Egosarian Rhythm guitar
Joe DeMaso Bass
Tom Glaister Drums
Link : WW

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NIGHT RANGER - 1983 Midnight Madness

Featuring ex-Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Brad Gillis and former Montrose keyboardist Alan Fitzgerald, Night Ranger was one of the most popular mainstream hard rock bands of the mid-'80s. The group formed in the early '80s in San Francisco; in addition to Gillis and Fitzgerald, the members included Jack Blades (vocals, bass), Jeff Watson (guitar), and Kelly Keagy (drums). After a few local gigs, promoter Bill Graham managed to get them supporting slots on Judas Priest, Santana, and Doobie Brothers concerts. Night Ranger's first album, Dawn Patrol (1982), reached number 38 on the U.S. charts, yet it was 1983's Midnight Madness that established the band as a commercial force. Featuring the AOR hit "(You Can Still) Rock in America" and the number five single "Sister Christian," the record peaked at number 15 and sold over a million copies. 1985's 7 Wishes was just as successful, reaching number ten on the charts. Night Ranger's audience began to diminish after 1987's Big Life. Fitzgerald left the following year and the band released their last album, Man in Motion, which failed to go gold or spawn any Top 40 singles. Night Ranger broke up the next year. Jack Blades joined the supergroup Damn Yankees, which also featured Ted Nugent and Tommy Shaw. A reunited Night Ranger returned in 1998 with Seven. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine : Bio.taken from All Music Guide


The Second album with hit "sister Christian" and memorable melodic rockers like "Rumours in the air","When you close your eyes",Why does love have to change" it is served as their breakthrough and they rocked as hard as they could selling more than a million copies.

Line up :

Jack Blades Bass

Brad Gillis Vocals ,Guitar

Jeff Watson Guitar

Alan Fitzgerald keyboards

Kelly Keagy drums

Alan Herald vocals,keyboards


1. (You Can Still) Rock in America 4:16 - 2. Rumours in the Air 4:33 - 3. Why Does Love Have to Change 3:49 - 4. Sister Christian Keagy 5:03 - 5. Touch of Madness Blades 5:01 6. Passion Play Blades 4:43 - 7. When You Close Your Eyes 4:19 - 8. Chippin' Away 4:13 - 9. Let Him Run 3:29 ,

Very hard Rock of 80's.

Play it Loud!

Link : MM


A few words :
It is difficult to describe David SYLVIAN’s music. It is ambient, dark, although not heavy with sombre vocal and very experimental playing. David SYLVIAN was born as David Batt in Kent, England on February 23, 1958. In 1974 he formed Japan, initially a glam rock band, which eventually evolved into a stylish synth-pop group. After a quite successful career, Japan was dissolved in 1982. SYLVIAN’s first solo album “Brilliant Trees” was released in 1984 featuring besides others Richard Barbieri (ex-Japan) and Holger Czukay (ex-CAN). “Brilliant Trees” is a very atmospheric record, mixing funk, jazz, and ambient in beautiful although eclectic music.
After this record everything changed for David.

"The details are what always interested me. And so I just began to spend more and more time on those details, until they came to the forefront of the material-textures and atmospherics. I began to elaborate on those more and more and push the rhythmic element a little bit further back"

David did collaborations with giants like Ryuichi Sakamoto , Robert Fripp , Derek Bailey and Christian Fennesz and also formed a Japan looking band to start exploring again.
Sylvian continues to confront the challenges, both personal and global, that have enriched his work for three decades. And he continues to follow this path – with patience, perseverance, and beauty.
DAMAGE is derived from the closing shows of the 1993 Road to Graceland tour, which heralded the collaborative reunion of King Crimson's Robert Fripp (guitar) with David Sylvian (guitar/keyboards/vocals), the former leader of Japan. This hour-plus set finds Sylvian in tremendous voice and Fripp sonically enveloping spaces and respecting silences in a bout of well-manicured fretwork. The pair is augmented by soon-to-be Krim members Pat Mastelotto (drums) and Trey Gunn (Chapman stick/vocals) as well as former Martha & the Muffins axeman Michael Brook (guitar). The contrast in styles from Fripp's ethereal Soundscapes and edgy guitar inflections to Sylvian's smoother and refined demeanor is reminiscent of Brian Eno's early collaborations with Roxy Music. The fact that both know how to manipulate the spaces between the notes unites them further. Damage is full of those moments; so many, in fact, it is amazing that Fripp and Sylvian do not make the time to work together more often. "Firepower" contains a premier example of exactly how each craftsman is able to compliment the other. Fripp's extended solos at the end of the piece are definitive and singularly his own, yet the context in which he approaches his role as soloist yields an overwhelmingly palpable symbiosis between music and musician(s). Likewise, listeners who consider Fripp a calculated and overtly technical guitarist might be shocked by his cerebrally funky additions to tracks such as "God's Monkey" and "20th Century Dreaming (A Shaman's Song)." The syncopated nature of the melodies allows for a great deal of interplay and collaboration between Gunn and Mastelotto — a trait they'd further incorporate into the mid-'90s version of King Crimson.
Take a look in David's entire interesting Bio. and work:.

Track Listings
1. Damage (4:31) - 2. God's Monkey (6:42) - 3. Brightness Falls (6:29) - 4. Every Colour You Are (5:40) - 5. Firepower (7:02) - 6. Gone to Earth (2:28) - 7. 20th Century Dreaming (A Shaman's Song) - (8:03) -8. Wave (6:11) - 9. Riverman (5:01) - 10. Darshan (The Road to Graceland) (10:47) - 11. Blinding Light of Heaven (4:15) - 12. The First Day (4:44)
Total Time: 71:53
David Sylvian / guitar, keyboards, vocals
Robert Fripp / guitar, frippertronics
Trey Gunn / chapman stick, vocals
Michael Brook / infinite guitar
Pat Mastelotto / drums
Link : Damage

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TREY GUNN - 2003 Untune The Sky

Trey Gunn was born in Texas and lives in Seattle now. He first studied music at age 7, taking private lessons in classical piano. His musical interests have gone through several phases: electric bass, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, stick, and now: touch guitar.He has toured and recorded with Sunday All Over The World, Toni Childs, The Robert Fripp String Quintet, David Sylvian, Vernon Reid, Michael Brook, Eric Johnson, David Hykes and (most importantly), King Crimson. He joined David Sylvian and Robert Fripp in 1992 in a project that began as a three-piece band and evolved into a full rock ensemble. They toured Japan and Europe. The band released an album "The First Day" and a live album, "Damage", through Virgin Records. During this time Gunn also recorded his first solo venture, titled "One Thousand Years".In 1994, Gunn joined King Crimson to once again work with Fripp. On their newest album, Gunn has included the use of an entirely new instrument, very similar to the stick, in that it is played by tapping the strings and has the full range of a piano. Dubbed the "touch guitar", the instrument was designed and built by Mark Warr, and has ten strings. The touch guitar can be heard on King Crimson's, "The ConstruKction of Light,". To get a better feel (or, listen, rather) for what the touch string can do, get any of Gunn's more recent solo works: "The Third Star", "Raw Power" or "The Joy of Molybdenum".

Trey is a pioneer of the TOUCH GUITAR and CHAPMAN STICK.
Both of them utilize a two-handed tapping as opposed to plucking or strumming the strings.
In addition, he is now running a music label based in Seattle called First World, and is currently dividing his time between his own Trey Gunn Band, the next phase of King Crimson and various session work (he plays on the John Paul Jones CD, "Zooma").
This album is a unique mix of jazz fussion,world music and ambient even some Eastern elements are present.
The album and SOUND is Great! ( I want your comments )
Line -Up :

Trey Gunn -Touch guitar, Chapman Stick , mixing.
Bob Muller -drummer,percussionist -
Tony Geballe - guitar -
Joe Mendelson -Second Touch guitarist
Dave Douglas - Trumpet -
Bill Rieflin & Robert Fripp -organ guitar
Serpentine - vocals

1.Sozzle - 2.The Glove -3.Killing for London -4.The third star -5.Take this wish - 6. August 1997
7.Rune song -8.Putting on the white shirt -9.Brief Encounter - 10.Arakis
11.The cruelest month - 12.The Gift -13.Hootenanny at the pink.

Don't miss it.
Link : TG

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DAMN YANKEES -1992 Don't Tread

Names like Ted Nugent - Jack Blades -Tommy Shaw mean something to you ? then, you know the Hard Way of Rock & Roll.

Damn Yankees was an American rock supergroup, formed in 1989, consisting of Jack Blades (Night Ranger), Tommy Shaw (Styx), Ted Nugent and drummer Michael Cartellone. Presumably inspired by the musical of the same name, Nugent once also explained that he coined the name because whenever someone asked him how he and Tommy Shaw would sound playing together, he would always reply by saying they would sound like "a bunch of damn Yankees." With Tommy Shaw from Alabama, Jack Blades from California, Mike Cartellone from Cleveland, Ohio, and Ted Nugent from Michigan, it did seem as if the band represented all four corners of the nation.

The Band :

Tommy Shaw – guitars and vocals

Ted Nugent – guitars and vocals

Jack Blades – bass guitar and vocals

Michael Cartellone – drums

Robbie Buchanan – keyboards

Damn Yankees - Don't Tread (1992)

01. Don't Tread On Me 02. Fifteen Minutes Of Fame 03. Where You Goin' Now 04. Dirty dog 05. Mister Please 06. Silence Is Broken 07. Firefly 08. Someone To Believe 09. This Side Of Hell 10. Double Coyote 11. Uprising 12. Come again (radio mix) [bonus japan] 13. Bonestripper [bonus japan]

Damn Yankees!! Play it Loud guys!
Link : DT

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BADLANDS -1991 Voodoo Highway

This record had a lot of possibilities of being a very good hard rock album.
It should be better than the first selftitled album,but,they have been lost in speed leeds but with great energy and some strong rhythm playing sometimes to nowhere.
Track listing
1."The Last Time" 2."Show Me the Way" 3."Shine On" 4."Whiskey Dust" 5."Joe's blues" 6."Soul Stealer" 7."3 Day Funk" 8."Silver Horses" 9."Love Don't Mean a Thing" 10."Voodoo Highway" 11."Fire & Rain" 12."Heaven's Train" 13."In a Dream"
Ray Gillen: Lead Vocals
Jake E. Lee: Guitar
Greg Chaisson: Bass
Jeff Martin: Drums
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BADLANDS - 1989 Badlands

Badlands was a short-lived rock band founded by Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee and Black Sabbath members Ray Gillen and Eric Singer (interestingly, Osbourne was the original singer in Black Sabbath, which he has since rejoined). Badlands also featured bassist Greg Chaisson. After the first Badlands album, Eric Singer was replaced by Jeff Martin. The group lasted from 1988 to 1992 and released two albums, Badlands (1989) and voodoo Highway (1991) before Gillen's death in 1993 effectively ended the project. A posthumous release of the album Dusk (originally recorded in 1992-1993) was released in 1998.
FormationAfter touring with Ozzy Osbourne in support of the Ultimate Sin album, Lee decided to leave the band and work on a new project. Wishing to distance himself as much as possible from his former boss, he set about looking for a charismatic front man with which to launch it. He found just that when he met Ray Gillen, a struggling vocalist who had just been separated from Black Sabbath after a short time. Within weeks, the duo had enlisted bassist Greg Chaisson and Gillen’s former Black Sabbath bandmate Eric Singer on drums.
1.BadlandsThe band released Badlands in June, 1989 to good reviews. The band released videos for the songs "Dreams In The Dark" and the Zeppelin-like "Winter’s Call", and both enjoying decent airplay on MTV. This boosted the album to its peak on Billboard’s album charts at no. 57.
2.Voodoo HighwayEric Singer soon quit to join KISS following the death of drummer Eric Carr.
Badlands picked up Jeff Martin, former vocalist for Surgical Steel and Racer X to take over on drums, and the band released Voodoo Highway in 1991.
However, Badlands was slowly breaking apart at the seams. During the recording process, Lee accused Gillen of conspiring with their label to push the band in a more commercial direction. This subsequently led to Gillen being fired. However, since a tour of the UK had already been booked, the vocalist was temporarily re-admitted for its completion.
Gillen's deathAfter the UK tour was complete, Gillen was officially fired from the band. Lee
insisted to the press that the band would continue with singer John West.
However, Atlantic Records had had enough and dropped the band from their label entirely. Gillen then appeared with George Lynch’s solo band on the album Sacred Groove. Following that, he formed Sun Red Sun with guitarist Al Romano, former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr, and drummer Bobby Rondinelli. But, just as the new group was off and running, Gillen was diagnosed with HIV. On December 3, 1993, he died at his New Jersey home due to AIDS-related complications. Five years later, the unreleased Badlands album Dusk was released, but did not chart.
3.DUSK 4th and final album 1992-1993
Badlands 1989 :
Track listing
1."High Wire" 2."Dreams in the Dark" 3."Jade's Song" 4."Winter's Call" 5."Dancing on the Edge" 6."Streets Cry Freedom" 7."Hard Driver" 8."Rumblin' Train" 9."Devil's Stomp" 10."Seasons" 11."Ball & Chain"
Ray Gillen: Lead Vocals
Jake E. Lee: Guitar
Greg Chaisson: Bass
Eric Singer: Drums
Heavy rock for Ray Gillen fans and not only.
Play it loud!
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EPIDAURUS - 1977 Earthly Paradise

A mid seventies German progressive outfit formed around 1976, Epidaurus, had their footing firmly in the early-70's progressive sound of bands like Pink Floyd, Eloy,Yes,Novalis or Pulsar. However, their largely instrumental multikeyboard fronted blend was closer to Faithful Breath on their classic FADING BEAUTY, with a dreamy feel, "cosmic" to want for a better term, but with one difference - the opening track has beautiful female vocals!
EARTHLY PARADISE Symphonic rock at its best !
Later, Epidaurus resurfaced under the name Choice, and in 1994 have reformed, attempting to cash-in on the interest generated by the reissue of EARTHLY PARADISE a nice album!
They split around 1995.

Track Listings
1. Actions And Reactions" (7:01) 2. Silas Marner (7:50) 3. Wings Of The Dove (5:05) 4. Andas (6:15) 5. Mitternachtstraum (6:05) - Total Time: 32:16 -

Christiane Wand (vocals)
Heinz Kunert (bass, pedals, percussion)
Manfred Struck (drums, percussion)
Volker Oehmig (drums, percussion)
Günther Henne (organ, Mellotron, Moogs, clavinet, electric piano)
Gerd Linke (organ, Mellotron, Moog, 12-string guitar, clavinet, pianos)
Peter Maier (flute)
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AMON DUUL II - 1969 Phallus Dei

The band emerged from the underground German rock scene with a very original and eccentric album called “Phallus Dei” (1969). The musicians who participated to this delirious and psychedelic experience were (among others) Peter Leopold (ex AMON DÜÜL), the front woman and singer Renate Knaup, John Weinzierl on the guitars... with guests as Holger Trützsch who plays tribal percussions (original member of Popol Vuh).
Taken from Prog.Archives enc..
With the above words Phallus Dei is fully described!
I have almost everything of Amon Duul and this one is one of my favorites with Wolf city and Yeti.
Fully recommended!!

Studio Album, released in 1969
Track Listings

1. Kanaan (3:56) 2. Den Guten, Schönen, Wahren (6:00) 3. Luzifers Ghilom (8:02) 4. Henriette Krötenschwanz (1:59) 5. Phallus Dei (20:45)
Total Time: 40:42


Peter Leopold / drums, percussion, piano- Shrat / bongos, violin, vocals
Renate / vocals, tambourine
John Weinzierl / bass, guitar
Chris Karrer / violin, guitar, sax, vocals
Falk Rogner / organ, synth
Dave Anderson / bass
Dieter Serfas / drums, electric cymbals
Guests:- Holger Trützsch / Turkish drums
Christian Burchard / vibraphone

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GAZPACHO - 2007 Night

Night" is a musical description of a dream or a stream of conciousness. It explores the question of where dreams end and reality begins and the mind as the tool that has to decide what to believe. The character goes through various memories real and imagined and sees the world from the angles of different people. He travels through time and visits places across the world including old New Orleans and Ancient woods with Pagan rituals being performed. Night is about life and the various ways of interpreting existence. Pretentious? Oh yes but delicious as well... very delicious.
Taken from Gazpacho official site.
A superb band from Norway.Hear it whether it sounds like Marillion or more proggy than Coldplay,you will love them as i do.
Hear and buy their records to support them.

Tracks :

1 Dream of Stone (17:00)
2 Chequered Light Buildings (6:34)
3 Upside Down (9:41)
4 Valerie's Friend (6:29)
5 Massive Illusion (13:37)

The Band
Jan H Ohme (vocals)
Jon-Arne (guitars)
Thomas (keyboards)
Robert (drums)
Mikael (violins)
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NIGHTINGALE - 1996 The Closing Chronicles

A few words :
NIGHTINGALE. began as a side project for noted Swedish singer/guitarist Dan Swano, famous for his work as front man with death metal troupe Edge of Sanity, and an active participant, both as musician and producer in countless important releases by other key groups of Scandinavia's bustling metal scene. Having composed a wealth of non-metal material (ranging from progressive, to gothic, to straight-up hard rock) over the years, Swano proceeded to record a two album set under the Nightingale name, starting with 1995's The Breathing Shadow (which he recorded in just a week, performing all instrumentation himself) and concluding with the next year's aptly named The Closing Chronicles. He then briefly resumed his duties with Edge of Sanity before branching out as a full-time producer and solo artist (releasing 1998's Moontower) before drafting his brother Tom Nouga (guitars) to help him resurrect Nightingale via the year 2000's simply titled I. Two years later, the duo returned with a supposedly fixed band format comprising bassist Erik Oskarsson and drummer Tom Bjorn for Alive Again: The Breathing Shadow Part IV.

Track Listings

1. Deep Inside of Nowhere (7:12) 2. Revival (4:24) 3. Thoughts From a Stolen Soul (9:00)
4. So Long (Still I Wonder) (4:47) 5. Steal the Moon (3:17) 6. Intermezzo (4:22)7
Alive Again (9:26)
Total Time: 42:28

Line-up Musicians

Dan Swanö / guitars, vocals, keyboards, drums
Tom Nouga / bass, guitars, keyboards

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